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Tube Hot Stamping Machine

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Tube Hot Stamping Printing Machine

Woolley's tube hot stamping printing machine offers automatic tube feeding, alignment, stamping, and output, ensuring precise and efficient production. Its intelligent features include automatic material shortage alarms and shutdowns, while its stable design guarantees high-quality, versatile hot stamping across various materials. With diverse color and pattern options, it ensures uniqueness, providing reliable, high-quality solutions for efficient production lines.

woolley Tube Machine


Fast and high precision
Servo automation control
Stable and easy to operate
Suitable for a variety of materials
Quick conversion specifications

woolley Tube Machine


Beauty Care Package
Health Care Package
Food Care Package
Home Care Package
Personal Care Package

Tube hot stamping printing machine Size
woolley Tube Machine


Power (kw)
Machine sizes (mm, LWH)
Tube diameter(mm)
16~60 mm
Machine Gross Weight (kg)
Tube length (mm)
100~220 mm
Compressed air pressure
Speed (Production Capacity)
80~100 pieces per minute
Tube feeding mode
Conveyor belt after heading
Voltage (v)
380/50~60hz can be customized
Caps Material
Suitable for round cap oval cap, flip top, snap cap etc.
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