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Extrusion Tube Production Lines 360°seamless design; process: multi-layer co-extruding and heating; five types: 1-layer, 2-layer, 3-layer , 5-layer and 6-layer

cosmetic tube making machine

Cosmetic Tube

toothpaste tube making machine

Toothpaste Tube

cream tube making machine

Hand Cream Tube

ointment tube making machine

Ointment Tube


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Extrusion tube production lines-heading Machine accomplishes tube end forming ,high precision, easy to operate


Screen Print

Offset Print

Hot Stamping


Four major printing processes, silkscreen print, offset print, flexo print and hot stamping, are used to provide various visual and tactile presentations.

Offset Printing Machine

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Screen Printing Machine

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Tube Hot Stamping machine

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Full-automation equipment is used for a one-stop completion of making orifice, foil seal and capping; together with the detection of the product surface and the missing film, a stable quality is ensured.

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Filling and Sealing

The advanced internal heating sealing machine is used to provide vertical, horizontal or rhombic sealing stripes, enhancing the overall beauty of the product.

Cosmetic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

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line #1: extruder (1/2/5/6 layer) - sorter - header (60/70/120) - sorter - printer (3/5/6/8 color)- sorter - capper(50/100)
line #2: extruder (1/2/5/6 layer) - sorter - printer (3/5/6/8 color)- sorter - header (60/70/120)- sorter - capper(50/100)