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Toothpaste tube making machine in Shanghai exhibition

In the bustling halls of the Shanghai Machinery Expo, Woolley took center stage, proudly displaying its state-of-the-art soft tube production line machinery to a diverse audience of international visitors. Among the star attractions were the offset printing machine, tube heading and shoulder machine, toothpaste tube making laminated machine, and tube extrusion machine.

“Toothpaste tube making machine in Shanghai exhibition”

Accompanying Clients on Machine Tours

Throughout the duration of the expo, Woolley’s dedicated team, led by the esteemed CEO, Mr. Tian, welcomed guests from around the globe with warmth and enthusiasm. They spared no effort in providing comprehensive explanations and dynamic demonstrations of the showcased machinery, highlighting its cutting-edge technology, precision engineering, and exceptional performance. Mr. Tian’s personal involvement added a unique touch to the interactions, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.
Woolley’s booth buzzed with activity as visitors engaged with the machinery, eager to learn more about its capabilities and applications. The offset printing machine wowed with its unparalleled precision and stability, while the tube heading and shoulder machine showcased remarkable efficiency and consistent molding quality. Guests marveled at the toothpaste tube making laminated machine, applauding its advanced lamination technology and seamless automated control systems. The extrusion machine’s pivotal role in the soft tube production process captured the attention of all, underscoring its importance in Woolley’s comprehensive machinery lineup.
Amidst product demonstrations and technical discussions, Woolley’s sales team worked tirelessly to forge connections and explore potential collaborations with international partners. Conversations ranged from customization options to technical support needs, laying the groundwork for future partnerships and business opportunities.
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In addition to business discussions, moments of camaraderie were shared as visitors posed for photos with Mr. Tian and the Woolley team. These snapshots captured not just smiles, but the spirit of collaboration and friendship fostered at the expo.


As the Shanghai Machinery Expo drew to a close, Woolley emerged not just as an exhibitor, but as a beacon of excellence in manufacturing. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Woolley looks forward to continuing its journey of success and forging lasting partnerships across the globe.